Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Future home of the Whole Wall is quickly becoming the present!

Even with the rain the wall is going up very quickly. Soon the "Future Home of the Whole Wall" will disappear and the "Whole Wall" will become the present.

While they may not appreciate the comparison, watching David and Brian work together is like watching a well practiced dance. Without words they work side by side. The onlooker becomes hypnotized with the rhythm in which these two scoop and toss the mortar onto the row of bricks. Moments later one realizes that another row of bricks are in place and the puzzle has just grown. How did that happen so quickly?

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kristheking said...

soooooo, how much longer before all the bricks are laid?
will there be a cap?
hopefully, it'll be dark like the mural.
will there be a grand reveal event?
will both artists be there?