Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My intent with this mural has been to find a universal theme within the history of Cloud County through its visual and actual history. This theme will relate to all viewers allowing a personal connection and interpretation between the viewer and the work. The planting of seeds has relationship to the past, present, and future, acting as a metaphor for hope, allowing the piece to remain timeless. Upon my visit to this area, I found the healing qualities of the land reflected in people who live there. This is significant to include in the work. The friendships and good relations that came out of the prison environment at the POW Camp speaks of our humanity as a whole and our ability to work together for the good of all even during times of war.
The strength we have, as humans to solve problems in times of need are evident as well in the running of the Orphan Train.
There are many clues in the work that hint at these universal ideals. The few I mentioned are the most prominent and other images back up these thoughts.
My interest with the brick mural project is to tap into the community’s intrinsic creativity, history, and culture in an attempt to produce a work of art that is accessible and has meaning for the public. I also see the potential to engage numerous community members in the creative process.
Participation helps build unity into community and can give voice to the community members. Without artistic voice, community grows silent. As we all create together and process, we bring together a new familiarity with the places we live in and with ourselves. This kind of Collective Collaboration enhances the vitality of a work of art and the community it serves. Written as part of the original proposal, by Catharine Magel

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