Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet the Masons

It seems like only last week that mason David Fleming, owner, Fleming Masonry Construction, and Brian Blase, mason, met with the Cloud County Historical Society, and Eric Johnson from Campbell & Johnson prior to beginning the installation. Since April 10, 2009, there have been amazing changes to the Cloud County Museum Annex building at 6th & Lincoln.

When David Fleming, Culver, Kansas, was first approached to submit a bid for the Whole Wall Mural project he was a bit apprehensive. Fleming, who is a former Concordian, (CHS graduate, Class of 1972) was not sure how the project would work, so he set out to study up on brick murals. Soon he was so intrigued he decided to submit a bid. The rest is soon to be history.
David Fleming has been laying bricks since 1975. He started out learning the trade in Topeka and has worked all over the States of Kansas and Nebraska. Fleming is very well known in these parts for quality masonry. Those who have worked with him say he works at such a fast pace it is a bit daunting at first. He takes such pride in his work and is very meticulous, that everyone else strives to follow his lead. Fleming and his crew have worked on many buildings in the area including Concordia Elementary.

Brian Blase has worked with Fleming Masonry Construction since 1995. A former Sylvan Grove native, Brian met his wife, Renee, at Cloud County Community College. They currently live in Salina with their four year old son. Brian has worked on many projects around the area, including Concordia Elementary. It is very obvious Brian enjoys his work as spectators often catch him smiling. It is very interesting to watch David and Brian work together. Often they are slinging mortar at the same time in a sing song rhythm much like dancing.

Tyler Kuhn, Minneapolis, Kansas, has worked as a Brick Tender for Fleming Masonry Construction for the past three years. His job is make sure the masons never run out of supplies. He keeps a close eye on the mortar and begins mixing as soon as he sees the supply is getting low. He also cuts bricks, helps build the scaffolding and assists in bricklaying. Often David and Brian move so quickly Tyler is practically running to keep up.

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