Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brick By The Number$

We need your help to get The Whole Wall up on the wall!

Over four years ago, Cloud County and Concordia citizens began collaborating on one of the largest art projects ever undertaken as a group. They have done a spectacular job. The artists completed the carving earlier this Spring.

Cloud Ceramics, the brick manufacturing plant, has done a marvelous job of firing this project, all 2300 sq ft of it. Mark Collette, out at the plant, has managed to keep up with all these pieces, even laying them out at the plant for our viewing pleasure. He has that artistic knack of being able to sight select among nearly 6900 brick where each piece goes.

The Cloud County Historical Museum is now taking donations to cover the more than expected cost of installing this half a block of artwork depicting Cloud County's History. It's expected this wall will be a large draw for tourism through the area, especially for events such as the Sampler Festival. So far, in kind donations have kept the actual monies spent to one fifth of it's real value in dollars.

History is what you make it! Be a real Kansas Pioneer! Any thing you can do to help is more than appreciated.

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