Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Whole Wall Cowcatcher

We've been back the better part of a week and somehow carving...the train is coming into view. Certainly have had a lot of stops with everybody coming to view the final stages of our working on this part of the project. Phylis and Dick Cyphers have been helping us dig our way down the tracks to the station. Made good headway today even with the distraction of setting up for our talks on making a living as working artists....

For you that haven't ever thought about it...about 1% of American artists make over $25,000./per year. That's about 6-12,000 artists in every field of endeavor. That's actors, dancers, writers, poets, graphic artists, painters, and us sculptors,of course.

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Anonymous said...

That was so fun to go and see all of those things. i had an awsome time going. Plus the thing that i really liked was the clay wall and the other paintings that other schools did. It was really fun